In order to meet future grid demand, Andhra Pradesh has been taking measures to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity. At the recently held review meeting called by the State Energy Department with APTRANSCO, APGENCO, and AP DISCOMs on energy demand, the Special Chief Secretary Energy and CMD APTRANSCO K Vijayanand said that the power demand was exceptionally high during the recent times due to various reasons.

“The energy demand growth rate was abnormal due to El Nino effect with no adequate rainfall in the southwest monsoon season during year 2023-24 and there were no in-flows to major reservoirs. The heatwave conditions prevailed in the State from June to October, which was unprecedented. Even in this critical juncture, come what may, the utilities have successfully provided quality power to all consumers with the consistent efforts of AP power utilities” said Vijayanand.

“In spite of unfavourable conditions, the utilities have supplied a maximum energy of 263.24 million units (MU) on June 16 with nil deficits and met a maximum demand of 13,028 MW on October 19 which is highest till date. This was achieved by planning ahead and procuring power from the energy exchanges and through open access transactions. An energy growth of 15 per cent is observed up to October 2023 compared with the same period last year ,” he said.

Energy demand

“The energy demand in FY2022-23 from April to October was around 42,140 MU while the demand for the same period in 2023 is around 48,522 MU. Coming to the month of October-2022, the demand was 5,556.6 MU which had increased by 30.8 per cent in October-2023 with demand of 7,270.55 MU,” he said.

The grid demand is maintaining at around 220 MU to 245 MU during the period from April to October 2023 against the demand of around 190 MU to 200 MU in 2022 and the expected hydel generation in Andhra Pradesh is not met due to less rain fall.

In view of this, in order to improve the thermal generation, APGENCO is continuously monitoring the coal stocks and coordinating with the Ministry of Coal and Railways for continuous supply of coal. The thermal power generation has improved from 14948 MU to 17102 MU from April to October 2023 and the coal linkage materialisation has also improved to 96.52 per cent (14.74 million tonne) against 93 per cent (12.40 million tonne) in the year 2022-23.