Bengaluru-based construction company Mfar Holdings will focus on public-private partnerships in infrastructure projects and expand its hospitality network in the country.

Speaking to BusinessLine , P Mohamed Ali, Chairman, said the company is keen on projects like building roads, desalination plants and waste water management projects.

Ali was a co-founder of Galfar Engineering, a construction company in Oman with an expertise in roads, water and sanitation related projects. Ali entered India through his founding company Mfar in 1995 with hospitality projects in Kerala.

Currently, Galfar Engineering is involved in some road infrastructure projects. “In the future, these projects will be carried out by Mfar,” he added.

The company plans to expand its office spaces and hospitality portfolio and will invest ₹1,000 crore. There are plans to build one million sq ft office space in Kochi . It has two hotels in Kerala and one in Chennai. Lands the company has acquired in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Kerala will be utilised for developing hotels and resorts.