Emcure Pharmaceuticals and its biotech subsidiary Gennova Biopharmaceuticals have buried the hatchet with US-based HDT Bio Corp, and are, in fact, collaborating again on mRNA vaccines.

The companies have “amicably resolved” all legal disputes with HDT Bio Corp, a note from the Pune-based company said. The litigation between them, including before US courts and the arbitral tribunal in London, has been settled and dismissed, it added.

In fact, Gennova and HDT, which had earlier collaborated on the successful development of Gennova’s mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, will once again collaborate for the development and commercialisation of mRNA vaccines, the note said.

“The parties have entered into a long-term agreement to develop mRNA vaccines against a broad range of infectious diseases, in India and several other countries,” the companies said. As part of the agreement, HDT has granted Gennova a licence to use its patented mRNA vaccine technology in multiple fields, the note explained.  

About two years ago, Emcure Pharmaceuticals faced a lawsuit from HDT Bio Corp, which alleged that its technology had been stolen and called for Emcure to stop using HDT’s  proprietary technology, besides seeking damages of $950 million (over ₹7,200 crore). While Emcure had responded that it had been “wrongly named as a party”, Gennova’s spokesperson had then told businesslinethat arbitration proceedings had been initiated by HDT.

Widened scope

“Emcure is delighted that the misunderstanding between us and HDT not only stands resolved but we have widened the scope of our technical collaboration on a long-term basis. mRNA platform will be the launching pad for our foray into vaccines for tuberculosis, rabies, dengue and other infectious diseases and our collaboration with HDT will be mutually beneficial,” said Satish Mehta, Emcure Chief Executive and Managing Director.  

HDT Chief Executive Steve Reed added, “HDT’s proprietary technology, combined with Emcure’s and Gennova’s innovation and manufacturing excellence and established distribution network will bring life-saving vaccines to countless people. We are committed to a successful relationship with Emcure and Gennova.”