Gujarat will become the world’s biggest green hydrogen hub and will attract investments worth ₹8-10 lakh crore from across the world for the development of green hydrogen and its ecosystem, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Bhavnagar on Wednesday.

Modi stated that in the coming years, the world order for energy will change drastically with the inclusion of green hydrogen in the energy portfolio.

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“Just look at the scale of my dreams. The world’s biggest green hydrogen hub will come up along the coast of Gujarat. Green hydrogen will be produced in a big way. The entire ecosystem of green hydrogen will be developed here,” said Modi at a massive rally - his last for the day after holding similar poll rallies in Mehsana, Dahod and Vadodara districts.

The future belongs to green hydrogen as the future vehicles will run on green hydrogen. “Green hydrogen is the future energy. Entire world order will change. All sources of energy will change. And the leaders will be those who would lead in green hydrogen. Gujarat has already framed a policy for that, government of India has also taken initiatives for that. We will see investments flowing in from around the world on the soil of Gujarat,” Modi said.

“An investment of ₹8-10 lakh crore will come on the soil of Gujarat and it will generate lakhs of new employment opportunities,” he said.

He stated that in coming times, Gujarat will make a quantum jump and that the State’s coastal regions of Kutch, Saurashtra including Bhavnagar will witness massive investment inflows from across the globe creating new employment opportunities with the rise of green hydrogen.

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Meanwhile, referring to Vedanta and Foxconn’s proposed semiconductor manufacturing facility in Gujarat, Modi stated that the facility will come up in Dholera, in the neighbourhood of Bhavnagar.

“Some people have monopoly to manufacture semiconductors. India has taken an initiative and Gujarat will see the activities on semiconductors manufacturing. This will happen in Dholera. The entire ecosystem will come up,” Modi said adding that the Gujarat government had signed the MoU with the companies for the project which will attract investments of ₹1.5 lakh crore. The project alone will create 2 lakh jobs and it will also benefit the small businessmen, vendors and suppliers from this region, the Prime Minister said.

Notably, this is the first formal announcement from the Prime Minister on the location of the project.

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