Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar on Wednesday released the election manifesto for the BJP-NDA front in Kerala which promises at least one job for every family, six cooking gas cylinders for the BPL family and free laptops for high school students.

The manifesto goes on to promise ex-gratia of ₹5,000 per month to a family if the sole bread winner becomes ill and unable to work. The landless among the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe families will be given free titles. It also commits itself to moving legislations to secure Sabarimala for the faithful and stop Love Jihad.

Javadekar said that the manifesto has put forward a development agenda for the state of Kerla. The CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front and the Congress-led United Democratic Front have ruled the state by turns over the past many decades. People here are seriously thinking of an alternative to this circus.

The Union Minister ridiculed the outgoing Left Front for peddling welfare schemes initiated and funded by the NDA government at the Centre as its own during the five years of its rule in the state and drumming up support for itself and seeking votes. But Kerala’s voters are wise enough to see through this game, he said.