The Tamil Nadu government today said it was in a position to sell surplus wind power generated in the State and urged the Centre to allocate dedicated transmission capacity on a priority basis for its evacuation.

Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the wind season in the State was from June to September and currently, 4,400 MW of this power was being utilised in Tamil Nadu Grid based on the evacuation infrastructure available.

Even with the implementation of such intra-state evacuation infrastructure, the entire wind energy generated cannot be fully consumed within Tamil Nadu, particularly in this season, she said.

Tamil Nadu was in a position to sell about 1,000 mw of wind power to other states, which required this power to meet their Renewable Purchase Obligation, she said.

“Tamil Nadu has already met its Renewable Purchase Obligation. Many states in India who are unable to meet the Renewable Purchase Obligation are now approaching Tamil Nadu for assistance for meeting” the RPO, she added.

“To facilitate the sale of surplus wind power to states in need of renewable energy, it is important that a dedicated inter-state Green Energy Corridor is established so that the surplus wind energy from Tamil Nadu can be successfully evacuated and sold to other states,” she said in her letter.

She said Power Grid Corporation had proposed to establish such an inter-State Green Energy Corridor and urged Modi to instruct the Ministry of Power to speed up the process of setting it up at the ‘earliest’ to enable her state to transmit the 1000 mw of renewable power to other states.

“While dedicated infrastructure would take some time to be created, in the meantime, the Power Grid Corporation may be directed to allocate dedicated transmission capacity on a priority basis to evacuate the surplus wind energy available in Tamil Nadu to other states this season,” she said.