Oil marketing companies have raised the prices of domestic LPG cylinders by another ₹25, bringing the total hike since the start of the year to ₹125.

From Tuesday, a 14.2kg domestic cylinder will be priced at ₹819 in Delhi. Moreover, the price of a 19kg commercial cylinder has been raised by ₹95, and it will now cost ₹1,614 in Delhi.

The oil marketing companies had also raised LPG prices twice in December last year.

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The price of LPG cylinders is officially linked to international prices of propane and butane, the two main ingredients.

The price of these crude products has been rising as oil producing nations have restricted supply while demand picks up as economies reopen after Covid-19.

Rising prices have dampened demand for the essential fuel. Consumption of LPG in January registered a 2 per cent drop on a month-on-month basis, with demand at 2.492 million tonnes.

Prices of diesel and petrol, also linked to international crude prices, have risen throughout January and February to reach all-time highs.