Infrastructure major L&T and Telangana government have launched a probe into an incident where a few pillars of the Medigadda barrage, which is 260 km away from Hyderabad, sank in by a few feet, threatening the structure. The officials are emptying the reservoir which has about 10 tmc of water at present. The reservoir, which is part of the multi-reservoir Kaleshwaram project, has a total capacity of 16 tmc.

“We have built the 1.63-km long Lakshmi barrage (Medigadda) with 86 piers for the State government in 2019. It withstood for the last five flood seasons, including the recent 2023 floods,” an L&T spokesperson said.

“Yesterday evening, a portion of the bridge is found to be sagging at Block-7 of the Barrage after a loud noise.

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Our technical expert team is already deputed to the project site to assess the abrupt cause of the damages along with the State authorities,” he said.

“L&T will take necessary action to rectify the damages upon technical assessment of the damages and way forward solution at the earliest possible time,” he said.

“Last year, this barrage experienced the highest recorded flood of 28.70 lakh cusecs against design discharge of 28.25 lakh cusecs. The design of barrage was given by the State authorities. The barrage continued to operate safely and withstood even in unprecedented floods of July 2022,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

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Sources in the government told businessline that the root cause for the damage would be assessed and prepare a plan of action to rectify the damage.

“We could do that only after emptying the reservoir. It could take two days. A team from the Dam Security Organisation of the Central Government will also visit the reservoir site to assess the situation and suggest measures to rectify it,” he said.

The police have closed the barrage for traffic and have been asking the commuters to take alternative routes.