Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver the national address at the ongoing Summit for Democracy hosted by US President Joe Biden on Friday.

The Prime Minister, in his virtual address, is likely to highlight India's democratic ethos and also talk about challenges to democracy, a source said.

In his plenary session intervention, on Thursday, Modi called upon technology companies to contribute to preserving open and democratic societies, the source added.

There is a growing discussion globally on the effect of the growing speed and reach of technology on democracy and the need to effectively harness it.,

"The PM stressed that principles of democracy should also guide global governance and that given technology’s ability to impact democracy positively or negatively, technology companies should contribute to preserving open and democratic societies," the source pointed out.

India is among the over 100 countries invited by Biden to the summit. China and Russia have, however, been left out and Pakistan is not attending.

On Thursday, the first day of the summit, Modi was invited to participate in the main Leaders’ Plenary Session hosted by Biden. "This closed-door session saw interventions from 12 select countries, including India," the source said..

Democratic spirit, including respect for rule of law and pluralistic ethos, is ingrained in Indians, Modi said. The Indian diaspora carries it too, thereby contributing to economic well-being and social harmony of their adopted homes, he added