Online healthcare platform Tata 1mg and UK’s Vitonnix have entered into an exclusive partnership to bring in a range of innovative vitamin sprays.

The sublingual sprays, administered below the tongue, are in the human health and wellness category, and five of Vitonnix’s products are already available on the Tata1mg platform, said Satish Subramani, Managing Partner for Vitonnix UK. In fact, the plan is to also bring in the veterinary brand Vetonnix, with similar sprays for dogs and cats, he told businessline.

Explaining the advantage of sublingual sprays, he said there are a network of blood vessels below the tongue, for example, aiding the quicker absorption of vitamins and supplements. The innovative product would be priced between ₹350 and ₹450 for a month’s supply, about half the cost of an equivalent oral supplement in the market, he said.

The plan is also to make their flagship product available in the Asia-Pacific region in a few months, he said, besides targetting Europe and the United States.

Human health 

While Vitonnix has about 20 products, it is starting with Biotin, vitamin D, multi vitamins and melatonin (for sleep deprivation), he said. The product basket included products like vegetarian Omega and folic acid, he said, adding that they were in talks with the Government to expand access to multi-vitamins, for example to address nutrient deficiencies.

The products would be manufactured at Tirupati Life Sciences, he said, while the veterinary sprays would be at Zeon Life Sciences. The veterinary products included multi-vitamins, puppy growth, bone and joint and healthy coat products, he said, giving a peep into future international and domestic launches from the 10-year-old company.

Outlining the key advantages of these sprays, he said, they offered convenience and the administration of a precise dosage. Besides, it facilitates rapid absorption into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes under the tongue, allowing vitamins to be rapidly absorbed compared to other oral formulations (capsule/tablet/syrups), the company said.