As Telangana adopts a regulated cropping system from this season, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has asked the officials of Agriculture Department to change the way agriculture is practised.

“We need to bring in modern agriculture practices, replacing the traditional methods of farming. You should study the farming practices in various countries and adopt the best practices,” he said.

“You need to study the global markets and cultivate crops to meet the market demands. The Agriculture department should create special groups for this,” he said.

Enumeration of crops

At a review meeting held here on Wednesday, he asked the officials of the Agriculture Department to collect details on crops grown by each farmer in the State. He appreciated the farmers for following the regulated cropping system.

“They understood the idea and grew crops as per the regulated farming this kharif season. We asked them not to cultivate maize as it is not profitable to grow it in the monsoon season. They followed the suggestion,” he said.

“You must collect the data on which farmer cultivated which crop and to what extent? This information is very important in planning,” he said.

More AEOs likely

Stating that the State has appointed Agriculture Extension Officers (AEOs), each of whom will provide extension and assistance to farmers in an extent of 5,000 acres, he said the government will appoint more AEOs, keeping in view the additional acreage that has been brought under cultivation in the last two-three years.

Profitable venture

He wanted the officials to make agriculture a profitable venture as more land is being brought under cultivation.

“We need to revamp the traditional farming methods in order to get more returns. They should be equipped with better farming techniques,” the Chief Minister said.

Rythu Vedikas

He said Rythu Vedikas (a hall for farmers to discuss issues pertaining to agriculture) will be ready in the next three months. “Farmers can interact among themselves and with relevant officials and Ministers on the platform,” he said.