With India set to distribute Covid-19 vaccines, Thermo King, by Trane Technologies, whose cold chain products are used by FedEX and UPS to deliver Pfizer vaccine in the US, has launched its expanded portfolio of cold chain solutions in India. These cold chain solutions can keep vaccines at temperatures from a range of +25° C to as low as -70° C.

The company’s advanced cold chain technologies will help address the unique challenges of Covid-19 vaccine distribution in India, whose large population is spread across vast and varied geographies, from densely populated cities to far-flung rural communities, stated a company release.

“Safety and reliability of the cold chain is critical to meeting the urgent need for everyone to have access to vaccines,” said Allen Ge, president of Trane Technologies in Asia Pacific.

“Our recently launched SuperFreezers were initially developed to flash-freeze high-end seafood. Our teams quickly adapted and developed a good solution for Covid-19 vaccines transport, which require ultra-cold temperatures to prevent degradation.”

Thermo King’s refrigerated solutions can extend the life of dry ice or even eliminate the need for it, said the release. As more Covid-19 vaccines are approved, they will have different temperature requirements – some will need very low temperatures, while others will require typical refrigerated conditions.

Thermo King technologies can maintain and monitor temperatures across climate conditions, temperature needs, and modes of transportation – air transport, marine, rail, trailer, last-mile delivery, it added.

Thermo King products are being used by transport companies such as FedEx and UPS which are directly involved in the transport and distribution of the Pfizer vaccine in the US.