Tech start-up incubator T-Hub has set up a Smart Mobility and Transportation Cluster that will work for enhancing mobility while reducing congestion, air pollution and road traffic incidents. The cluster will help stakeholders build, design, test and work on Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology, Vehicle Electrification and shared mobility solutions.

“The State government will assist T-Hub in this initiative. This will help encourage innovation in the space of electric vehicles, and Autonomous Vehicles. As part of this cluster, the State is planning to put out a policy document on Electric Vehicle (EV) very shortly,” Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary (IT and Industry), the Government of Telangana, said.

Addressing a gathering after announcing the launch of the cluster on Friday, he said this would go a long way in tapping clean energy and achieving sustainability. The State government is putting together a policy to offer incentives for all stake holders, which include automobile manufacturers, aggregators, and people.

“We will invite startups from across the world in the transportation space both from the demand and supply side to help come up with innovative solutions and ideas,” Jay Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer of T-Hub, said.

“The ecosystem that includes government, startups, infrastructure, academia, corporates and investors will form a hub for innovation in the transportation space and change the future of mobility radically,” he added.

To mark the launch of the cluster, a white paper on the Electric vehicle ecosystem in India was released. It is co-authored by Rama Iyer, Senior Vice-President and Head (Innovation and Strategic Alliance), and Harish Makke, Lead (Sustainability), of T-Hub, and India Centre of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a foreign-policy think tank based in New Delhi.