Tamil Nadu continued to be the numero uno in the export of electronic goods. It achieved a record-breaking $9.56 billion in electronics exports in FY 2023-24 - a whopping 78 per cent growth over the previous year’s performance of $5.37 billion.

Companies like Tata Electronics and Pegatron, starting their production in the last couple of years helped Tamil Nadu to achieve such a performance. The State now has over 15 leading electronics manufacturers, including Foxconn, Tata Electronics, Salcomp and Pegatron.

Out of the total $29.12 billion exports of electronic goods from the country, Tamil Nadu’s share was 32.84 per cent, according to Government of India data.

At a distant second was Karnataka with $4.60 billion (15.78 per cent of the total share in value) and Uttar Pradesh third with $4.46 billion (15.32 per cent).

In 2023-24, Tamil Nadu not only met the $9 Billion target, estimated a few months ago, but also surpassed it, said Tamil Nadu’s Industries Minister TRB Rajaa. “With the electronics sector just beginning to flex its capabilities, we’re racing towards another all-time high next year, and many years to come,” he added.

“Hoping the new Union government will enable us even further and play to the strengths of each State instead of taking away key projects in the electronics value chain to States which have no ecosystem,” he said.

Out of the total $29.12 billion exports of electronics goods, NAFTA (US, Mexico and Canada) was the largest importing region with $11 billion, followed by Europe with $9 billion and WANA (West Asia and North Africa) at $4 billion, and the rest of the world the balance, the data said.