Illinois-based Pharmazz Inc is in discussion with US-based drugmakers and investment bankers, to take its India-researched products to other markets, besides raising funds to expand the research on these novel products, respectively, company top-brass said.

In the last six-odd months, Pharmazz has inked licensing deals with Sun Pharma (for a stroke product) and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (to treat hypovolemic shock), to sell these products in India.

The company is looking to both expand the research on its products to additional indications in India and the US, besides scouting for marketing partners in the US and Europe, said Anil Gulati, Pharmazz Chairman and Chief Executive. As the scale of its research expands, the company is talking to a couple of US drug makers for possible distribution alliances, Gulati told businessline, adding that he expected a deal to be formalised by early 2025. They have also engaged investment bankers, he said, to help raise funds.

Giving research updates on both its products, Gulati said Centhaquine (a resuscitative agent, indicated for the treatment of hypovolemic shock), has received regulatory approvals from the US Food and Drug Administration to undertake late-stage Phase III trials. Research data from the trials in India were used for these filings, he said, contrary to the common practice of relying on data from overseas trials for approvals in India. The trials being done in India included Phases II, III and IV, he said, adding that the research was entirely undertaken by Pharmazz.

Pharmazz’ stroke product, Sovateltide, also saw a similar trajectory, with research and approvals in India, followed by Phase III trial approvals in the US, he said. The company is also moving ahead with expanding its research on both products to additional indications, he said. The 13-year-old company looks at a Nasdaq listing possibly in a couple of years, said Gulati. Currently, it stays focussed on its research, with manufacturing, patent filing and marketing functions outsourced, he added.