The Kisan Kranti Morcha (KKM), led by Jayaji Suryavanshi, has decided to vote against the BJP in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections.

The KKM had successfully led the June 2017 farmers’ strike in Maharashtra and also held negotiations with the State government for the resolution of the strike. Suryavanshi was seen as pro-BJP outfit.

However, due to partial fulfilment of promises by the Devendra Fadnavis government, the KKM has decided to vote against the BJP in the elections. Suryavanshi told media that both the ruling and opposition parties are stuck in political fights, and therefore, do not have the time to attend to the problems of the farmers.

Due to low rainfall in 2018, regions such as Marathwada and Vidarbha are facing huge water shortages. Cattle feed is also not available in many areas. Farmers suicides continue but none of the parties is sensitive about about such issues, he said.

The farmers’ leader added that it is almost 20 months since the announcement that farm loans will be waived was made (June 3, 2017), butstill the problem has not been addressed. The State government claims that it has provided waivers to all eligible farmers. But it is not providing the village-level farmers’ list, which has details of who all have benefitted from the waiver.

Fresh loans

He added that farmers with loans up to ₹20,000 had received the loan waiver. But those with larger loans of about ₹1.5 lakh were asked to first pay up the amount, which was to be later reimbursed by the State government. This forced many farmers to take fresh loans from the banks. But with no sign of waiver, the burden of these farmers has just doubled.