NLC India, a central public sector mining and power utility, has signed an agreement with its trade units for wage and other benefits for contract workers.

“It is a historic settlement under Section 12(3) of Industrial dispute Act, 1947 for wage and other benefits to the contract workmen,” said a statement of NLC India.

This settlement offers an increase in monthly wages ranging from ₹3,600 to ₹4,000 and in addition, offers various other allowances like housing assistance, washing allowances, canteen allowances etc, apart from two sets of uniform to contract staff. The settlement will be in force upto December 21, 2026.

About 14,000 contract workmen engaged in various units of NLC India in Neyveli will benefit from this settlement that offers increase in wages effective January 1, 2020.

The settlement had been arrived through a comprehensive bipartite negotiation by a joint Bipartite Committee comprising of trade unions representing contract workmen under the guidance of recognised unions of NLCIL (CITU & LPF) and the Contractor Employers without resorting to any agitation or strike, it said.

The pact was signed between the Contractor Employers and representatives of recognised trade unions (CITU and LPF) and other trade unions representing contract workmen on August 8, in the presence of V Muthu Manickam, Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Union Ministry of Labour and Employment Ministry and other officials of NLC.

This settlement was based on the MOU entered by the parties on February 26 this year.