A significant number of young adults have admitted to facing mental health challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic, finding ways to cope, according to a survey by 80 dB Communications.

According to the report, 80 per cent of young adults surveyed admitted that their mental health has suffered due to the pandemic.

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As per the findings of the survey conducted with young adults, one out of every two feels the need to seek therapy to cope with their mental health struggles. Young women (45 per cent) more than men (25 per cent) feel the need to speak to a health professional whereas 50 per cent prefer to speak with their friends.

Loneliness and isolation

Faced with the loneliness and isolation caused by the pandemic, 95 per cent of young women and 75 per cent of young men reported that the pandemic has had a negative effect on their mental health.

Furthermore, the number of young women who go to therapy is nearly three times the number of young men. Overall, nearly 40 per cent of young adults do not attend therapy but feel the need to.

Impact on Social media

Social media has also played a significant role in its impact on young adults.

As per the report, entering adulthood in an age governed by social media, over 50 per cent of young adults report that “it has negatively affected their self-perception regarding their appearance, alluding to how society promotes unrealistic beauty standards which are then magnified through interactions on the internet.”

Young adults are also increasingly concerned about issues including gender disparity, privacy and data protection laws and climate crisis, participating in online campaigns.

Over 90 per cent of young adults said that they intend to vote once eligible.

Job prospects

Another issue that raised concerns among respondents was job prospects. 70 per cent of young adults were concerned about their job prospects.

Young adults also weighed in on what would make for their ideal workplace. 40 per cent of young adults say that they would value a comfortable and open work environment. Women prioritised this more, with over 50 per cent of young women confirming that this would be a key determinant to selecting an employer.

“A company’s stated purpose also emerges as a key determinant to selection. Nearly all young adults said that a company’s ethos via-a-vis the environment, society, politics and economic impact would influence their decision making,” the report said.

Finally, young adults also wish to be conscious consumers and like to be aware (90 per cent) of the work practices and environmental impact the brands they buy are having. However, only a few admit to having been able to convert their awareness into practice.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has totally upended our way of life — how we work, study, socialise, shop, and more — and young adults have been especially impacted. As future citizens and voters, consumers and employees, our survey attempts to get behind what these young adults are thinking, and to build a bridge between generational mindsets that may help businesses with insights they need to address this demographic”, said Kiran Ray Chaudhury, Co-founder and Joint Managing Director, 80 dB Communications.

The report is based on a study conducted with over 250 young adults, aged 17-24 years.