Security and communication products provider ShyamVNL on Thursday has unveiled a technology designed to combat the persistent problem of mobile phones usage within prisons and ensuring secure communication in sensitive environments.

The company, known for RF Cyber Intelligence and Security solutions, showcased the solution ‘Prison Communication Guard’ at Milipol India 2023, a defence and security sector event here.

According to the company, the technology effectively blocks all mobile phone usage within its coverage area, it can detect and identify mobile devices with precision and also can pinpoint the location of mobile devices with an impressive accuracy of one meter.

“We are a company driven by innovation and resilience that provides dependable, trusted and multi-faceted solutions in the face of ever evolving technological challenges faced in safekeeping our national security and infrastructure,” Rajiv Mehrotra, founder, ShyamVNL, said.

stringent security measures

Even in facilities with stringent security measures, mobile devices continue to find their way into the hands of inmates and beyond prisons, ensuring secure communication at borders, entry/ exit points, and crowd management has even become a critical challenge in today’s environment, he said.

Therefore, this multi-pronged approach promises a comprehensive and effective means of curbing the illicit use of mobile phones in prisons, bolstering security at critical sites, and maintaining order in crowded areas, Mehrotra added.

The company said the solution puts the control firmly in the hands of the responsible authorities, eliminating any dependence on mobile operators/ telecom service providers (TSPs). It has been already tested in some of the high-security prisons across India and the results are positive, the company added.

Globally, the illicit use of mobile devices within prisons has increased a lot in the past decade, creating a significant threat to security and border. Criminals and gangsters have increasingly employed mobile phones to orchestrate illegal activities within the confines of correctional facilities. Notably, several recent high-profile criminal operations have been traced back to mobile network coverage inside prisons and the use of illegal mobile devices.