The straightened ‘Bravo’ taxiway (B-TWY) at the Chennai Airport was commissioned and put to use on Thursday. This will ensure safe and expeditious movement of aircraft resulting in significant increase of the existing primary runway handling capacity. The reconfigured parking bays 01 to 05 were also operationalised.

The Bravo Taxiway is the primary taxiway that runs parallel to the Primary Runway of Chennai Airport, catering to 90 per cent of the domestic, international and cargo movements. Earlier, the B- taxiway had a curve at the Guindy end (Runway 25) which resulted in certain restrictions leading to aircraft holding, thereby consuming more time and fuel for departing flights taxing from terminal to primary runway for take-off. The straightened portion of B- TWY will ease the situation and will ensure faster movement of flights by avoiding delays while taxing, precisely during peak hour traffic, said a release.

The long pending issue of Minimum Separation Distances - the Alpha Taxiway (A-TWY) located at 123M from the centreline of Primary Runway instead of 172.5M - is also complied with operationalisation of the straightened portion of B TWY. Also, the restrictions in place for using A-TWY when RWY 25 in use is laid to rest.

With the commissioning of B-Taxiway and the ongoing Rapid Exit Taxiway 1&2 works progressing briskly towards completion, the peak hour handling capacity of Chennai Airport is expected to increase to 45-50 movements per hour from the existing 36 movements.

The straightening work commenced in 2018 received DGCA approval in April 2022, is set for commissioning after notifying through Aeronautical Information Publication and completing all other codal procedures, the release said.

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