#Vaccines destroyed: About 135 million more doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine from a troubled Baltimore factory will have to be destroyed due to quality problems, Congressional panel leaders said, according to this report.

Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine factory forced to trash 135 million more doses

#Pay-packages on the rise: As domestic tourism recovers from the impact of Covid, with occupancies improving across hotels, the pay packages of most hoteliers, including key managerial personnel, have seen a year-on-year increase.

With improved occupancy, pay packages of most hoteliers increased in FY22

#Corbevax price: Biological E Ltd (BE) has priced Corbevax at ₹250 inclusive of GST, for private vaccination centres, following its approval as a heterologous Covid-19 booster vaccine.

Covid-19 booster dose: Biological E prices Corbevax at ₹250 for private vaccination centres

#New variant in Delhi: A new Omicron sub-variant has been detected in the majority of samples taken from Covid patients in Delhi as part of a study at the LNJP Hospital here. A senior official of the hospital said, the samples of these patients were sent for genome sequencing and analysed this week.

New Omicron sub-variant detected in majority of samples analysed: LNJP study

#Unemployment peaks: Unemployment in the last two years in India, apart from the rest of the world, reached its peak during the turmoil created by coronavirus. For Bharat, which is already facing severe unemployment, the Covid-19 pandemic further aggravated the situation, says this article.

Urban jobs scheme must be developed at State level

#Loan scam: A mix of economic crisis, financial exclusion and ready access to the Internet has driven thousands of Mexicans to illegal microlending apps, a trend only exacerbated by Covid-19.

Scam loan apps extorting Mexicans thrive in Google Play Store