# Omicron rising: India reported 70 Omicron cases, with West Bengal and Telangana registering cases for the first time. By the end of day, though, Tamil Nadu added to the tally, taking it to 71.

Fresh cases in Bengal, Telangana, Delhi take Omicron tally to 70

# Capped prices: Rapid RT-PCR test pricing is capped at ₹1,975 at Mumbai International Airport Limited, said the Maharashtra public health department. This comes after multiple complaints about MIAL charging as high as ₹4,500

Rapid RT-PCR test price capped at ₹1,975 in Mumbai International Airport

# Rapid Omicron tests : As Omicron continues to be a threat due to high transmissibility, the need for faster, accurate and cost-effective test kits to detect the new variant has become more pronounced. And the latest to develop a cost-effective test to identify Omicron (B.1.1.529) are the scientists at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC), Gandhinagar.

A rapid Omicron-test from Gujarat’s state-owned GBRC

# Omicron and the spotlight on AIDS: Reports suggest that SARS_CoV-2 may have mutated in people with weakened immune systems, giving rise to new variants in people with cancer or living with HIV who have an uncontrolled HIV infection.

Covid throws a spotlight on AIDS treatment in India

# 135 crore breached: India has administered more than 135 crore total doses of the Covid-19 vaccine so far, according to the official data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

As per the data, as of today (7am), India had administered 1,35,25,36,986 total doses including 82,11,06,148 first doses and 53,14,30,838 second doses.

Covid-19 vaccination: India has administered over 135 crore total doses so far

#Meet on IP continues: As the world braces to deal with the growing threat from Omicron, the WTO TRIPS Council is set to meet this week to sort out the long-pending issue of temporary easing of intellectual property norms on Covid vaccines and medical supplies following the indefinite postponement of the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference.

WTO members to discuss IP waiver for vaccines as Omicron threat looms large

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