The Tamil Nadu government will set up a ₹6.30 crore turtle conservation and rehabilitation centre in Chennai to boost its conservation efforts. Turtles are facing severe threats due to increasing biotic pressure. There is a need for a comprehensive and integrated management plan for their conservation.

The centre will be set up at the Guindy Park with facilities like turtle pool, shed and act as a temporary home to sick and injured turtles before they are released back to the natural habitat.

A government order says that an integrated and collaborative approach will have to be developed to include all stakeholders, including the fishing community, government authorities, NGOs and civil society for the effective implementation of the strategy.

A rescue and treatment centre will be set up for injured turtles to rehabilitate them back to the sea after recovery. An effective intelligence network to collect information on turtle trade to curb poaching with the support of Tamil Nadu Forests and Wildlife Crime Control Bureau.

The centre will identify nesting areas along the Tamil Nadu coast and study turtle’s migratory routes using conventional flipper tagging, molecular genetics and satellite telemetry, the order issued by the Environment, Climate Change & Forest Department said.