Industrialist Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RGP Enterprises has shared seven resolutions for the new year 2023 on Twitter.

At first, he wrote to see failure as a beginning. The post attracted more than sixty thousand views and one thousand likes. Many users extended acknowledgment and greetings to Goenka.

“Happy New Year, keep the inspirations and motivations flowing so that all of us continue to seek and learn,” a Twitter user replied. Another user wrote, “Happy new year Sir. Kindly continue posting your insights and keep motivating the common people like us.”

Another user wrote, “8. Reset all new resolutions on 2nd January when the new year becomes old and start working in your tried and tested way.”

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This comes after Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, in the mid of December 2022, shared a video of an artist creating a sketch using chalk and said it inspired him to have a resolution for the new year.

“Negative space, in art, is the empty space around and between the subject(s) of an image,” the caption of the video read.

“The New Year will naturally have ups and downs, but I hope to use the downs or negative spaces to help shape more positive internal spaces,” Mahindra wrote.

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