At least 54 per cent of Indian consumers prefer hybrid shopping, combining online and offline methods, for the festival season, according to InMobi’s Festive Report.

The report highlights that 84 per cent have increased their online shopping budgets compared to last year. Among the women surveyed, 68 per cent see themselves as the main decision-makers for festival shopping, prioritising personal needs first, followed by family and business associates.

Brighter budget

Further, budgets look bright, as 84 per cent of Indian consumers reported an increase in online shopping budgets compared to the previous year. Reduced price consciousness leads to an interest in exploring options, as 63 per cent said that they know what to buy and are only left to finalise the brand of their choice.

“The essence of India’s festival season is rooted in traditions, cultures, and the emotions they evoke. The months leading up to the festivities, especially around Dussehra and Diwali, are significant for brands, as most shopping explorations and purchase decisions occur during this time,” said Vasuta Agarwal, Chief Business Officer of the Consumer Advertising Platform at InMobi.

Mobile shopping

With 78 per cent of consumers planning to shop on their smartphones, mobile is the most crucial channel for brands this festival season, making it imperative for them to embrace a mobile-first approach in their marketing strategies. This will enable an authentic connection with the Indian festive shopper of 2023, Agarwal added.

Unplanned shoppers are inclined to shop closer to festivals. 58 per cent are planning to shop around Dusshera and Diwali, whereas about 1 in 3 shoppers are looking to start as early as September. Mobile reigns over India as the most popular channel for Indian consumers as they Learn (46 per cent), Explore (79 per cent), and Buy (78 per cent), making it an essential part of their purchase journey.