The Malayalam film industry is on a winning streak. From the action-packed thriller ‘Abraham Ozler’ to survival movies such as ‘Manjummel Boys’ and ‘Aadujeevitham,’ the industry’s success is in the spotlight. Many of these movies have already collected from ₹ 50 crore to over ₹ 200 crore at the box office. In this video, we explore the reason for the consecutive hits and their impact on the economy.  

From increased investments in the industry to heightened opportunities for local talent, the video emphasises how successful movies not only boost the film economy but also draw attention to scenic locations, potentially bolstering tourism. 

The video explains how the success of Malayalam movies breaks regional boundaries, influencing the wider Indian film industry. It also emphasises the importance of diverse storytelling and cultural representation in catering to an increasingly aware and discerning audience. 

Watch the video to know more. 

(Reporting & hosting: Anjana PV, Edits & graphics: Rowan Barnett, Camera: Bijoy Ghosh & Siddharth Mathew Cherian)