The Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday approved the proposal of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) government to open up more tourists/trekking routes, with an aim to boost the tourism sector and enhance economic activity in Ladakh.

To ensure smooth movement of tourists within the Leh district, the validity of permit system for visiting Ladakh region has been increased to 15 days from the previous limit of 7 days. The State government will also constitute a coordinated committee at the district level chaired by the Deputy Commissioner, Leh with representatives of the Army, JK police and other security agencies, which will meet once in three months to manage all the routes.The proposed routes include the Merak-Lema Bend and the Chusul-Kartsangla-Mahe. The Phyang-Dokla-HunderDok-Hunde is one of the proposed trekking routes.