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In freeing ourselves of diabetes, success need not taste sweet, but something far superior. It should be an empowered feeling of being capable of bringing order to a disorder, of having the skill to control that which has gone out of control. For example, recently, a close friend with diabetes walked into the sharp edge of an open door of a cabinet. She got a cut near her hairline, which bled profusely. The next day, she was amazed to see that the cut was already practically healed. By the third day, it was completely healed and invisible.

“It means the diabetes is under control!” she exclaimed delightedly. “I can't tell you how healthy and strong it makes me feel!” Ah yes, the fruit of a fitness lifestyle is not merely sweet, it is a feeling of irrepressible strength, of growth, of giving way to something greater, finer, something luminous. For, a life with light is a whole life.

Meditation Please invite light into your body, your being with this beautiful technique: Switch on soft instrumental music that has neither drums nor tabla s. Lie down comfortably on your bed, eyes closed gently. Let your palms face the ceiling. Visualise, as you silently mouth these words: “Thank you for surrounding me with the soft, healing light. I see this golden light entering the crown of my head and seeping through my entire body, until it spills out from the tip of my fingers and toes. I am filled with life and light. This light is healing my pancreas and making it strong so that it always secretes sufficient insulin whenever required. Now, my pancreas is healthy. My entire body is healthy.”

Lift your palms in a blessing posture, elbows resting on the bed. Imagine the light flowing from your body, through your arms and radiating from your palms in all directions into the world.

Mouth silently, “I allow myself to be a channel of this healing light. I allow this light to flow from my hands to the entire world and send its healing rays into every person. Where there is illness, I send wellness. Thank you, thank you.”

This is not just a beautiful way to invite healing into you, it's also a magnificent de-stressor. Stressed pancreas cannot work optimally; relaxed pancreas is effective, and surrounded by healing light, secretes insulin as a gift. This balances the blood sugar.

Note: All the same, if you sustain any injury, don't neglect it. Consult your doctor. If need be, take the prescribed anti-tetanus shot and antibiotics. As the Buddha said, “If you want to protect your feet from rocks and thorns, don't try to cover the whole world with leather; cover your own feet with shoes.” In this context, don't be irrational, falsely heroic or grandiose by avoiding medicines. Wisely, cover your own end.

Food Make no room in your mind for this negating thought — ‘deprivation'. Rather, choose ‘surrender', that is, surrender all harmful foods like sweets and fats. The thought ‘deprivation' diminishes joy in your being; ‘surrender' increases inner space and, hence, your inner joy. In surrender, there is no giving up, only the gladness of giving. Your being, your very personality enlarges in a greater life in the same way a rivulet enlarges into an ocean when it surrenders to the sea.

Surrender voluntarily sweets, rice, potatoes, mangoes, chikoos, bananas. Embrace with great gratitude nature's healing abundance — karela, methi sprouts, jowar, ragi, chickpea, rajma, haldi, apple, guava, orange, pomegranate, papaya, jambul, flaxseeds, cucumber, cauliflower, tomato. See which of these blood-balancers suit you and make them yours: Have 2-3 triphala tablets after every meal. Eat 2 garlic cloves every morning. Ingest 1 tbsp jamun powder before breakfast. Eat 1 tsp methi soaked overnight and drink the methi water.

Make wise choices: Opt for green tea, sugar-free orange juice, buttermilk, coconut water, jambul juice, plain soda over fizzy drinks, squashes, syrups, lassi, milkshakes. Choose steamed idlis, dhoklas, roasted channa over fried farsans, wafers, samosas, vadas. Snack on raw vegetables like cucumber coins. Eat digestive biscuits instead of creamy ones. Two tips: A friend only cooks from The Diabetic's Recipe Book. I think it's a great idea to pick up one for yourself and dip into it daily. After every meal or snack, silently say, “Thank you pancreas for releasing insulin.” Every little step or practice makes a difference.

Exercise Walk or cycle daily for 30-60 minutes. It increases blood-circulation and pranic energy flow to all parts of the body including the pancreas. In addition, do exercises that squeeze and stimulate the pancreas, like these: 10 abdominal crunches. 25-50 torso twists. Lying down spinal twists: Lie on your back. Keeping your shoulders flat on the floor, twist body waist-down to the right, your left knee crossing over and touching the right knee. Hold for 1 minute. Repeat on other side.

Finally, let go old stressful memories to make room for happy, healthy ones. Shake off the dust of old habits. It's time for an empowering new life.

The writer is co-author of the book ‘Fitness for Life'

Published on March 31, 2011
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