The 8-week happiness plan

Bharat Savur | Updated on November 29, 2012

Touch your inner perfection and live from it.

When you practice living your best life, it will become an abiding reality.

Sages have said that the universe waits benignly for us to float into well-being and live the higher life we are destined to. In keeping with that spirit, it’s fitting to pause, reflect, correct, and go on with a new, expanded sense of purpose — healthier, happier, and enveloped in a warm glow. Also, it’s awesome to wake up each morning knowing we are about to embark on a better life. The trick is to practise life-changing acts on a weekly basis. You learn how doable they are, and the resulting positivity and peace buoys you into doing them long term.

First week: I’ll be cheerful in all situations. Whatever the weather, I’ll say, “It’s a beautiful day, full of promise.” I’ll smile radiantly at one and all and watch them brighten up.

Second week: I’ll exercise every part of my body. I’ll walk, shoulders squared, and swing my arms happily. I’ll stretch, twist, bend, crunch, and feel every muscle strengthen, every joint become flexible, every tissue thrive in oxygen.

Third week: I’ll cooperate and adjust without a murmur. I won’t insist on my way, but flow along with courtesy and grace. I’ll observe in a detached and non-judgemental manner how things are done in ways other than mine, humbly learn new stuff and feel the wonder of a beginner.

Fourth week: I’ll eat only health-giving foods: freshening fruits, nourishing salads, energising carbs, cooling curd, and strengthening pulses. I’ll feel a reawakening of forgotten energies, a lightening of spirits, a wanting-to-cartwheel-in-all-directions jubilance. Tomatoes are anti-cancer, and turmeric is anti-inflammatory — I’ll add them in every way I can.

Fifth week: I’ll read spiritually inspiring books. I’ll cleanse my mind of worldly muck and feel it regain its original luminosity. I’ll watch as the words of the wise open up a larger reality, and pray that my feet be always on the ground even as my thoughts soar to Himalayan heights. ( Inspiration by Dr. Wayne Dyer is a must-read.)

Sixth week: I’ll do everything with love and without expectations. This is soul-living. To give with the heart without expecting a ‘thank you’. To do one’s best without wanting praise or any form of remuneration. I’ll do everything with a great sense of joy and see all that is accomplished as a blessing, a miracle.

Seventh week: I’ll only tell the truth — no lie will cross my lips. We are not natural liars. A lie burdens the conscience and the memory. But when I tell the truth, I’m stress-free, my heart beats evenly, my mind becomes an open book.

Eighth week: I’ll ramp up my metabolic rate by drinking water every two hours. If I have hypothyroid, I’ll eat good carbs — beans, root vegetables, whole grains — and keep my thyroid on its toes. I’ll weight-train so that my body will burn calories even when I’m asleep. And I’ll rest content that even if I can’t burn fat fast, I can burn the bridges to bad habits.

Even before the eight weeks are up, you’ll feel a great change. Basically, you’ve not spent time blaming viruses for illnesses, politicians for corruption, or the share market for financial losses. You’ve taken charge of your body and mind, and thus taken charge of your world and your life.

Besides, one of our biggest errors is that we strive to reach perfection — oh, how we strive! Follow the eight-week path so that you touch your inner perfection and live from it.

There should be ease in your body, not disease. So with your mind. Watch your thoughts, actions, habits. A thought reaps emotion and action. Action and emotion repeated become a habit. A habit influences our health and character. Our health and character influence our very life. So, please keep checking:

Am I completely at ease?

Do my thoughts lead me to happiness and good actions?

Are these actions worth making a habit of?

Will these emotions bring me peace or problems?

Will these habits reap good health or sickness?

You know how it feels to be an executive sitting on a chair. Now, you will find out how it feels to be an emperor or an empress sitting on a throne.

The writer is co-author of the book Fitness for Life.

Published on November 29, 2012

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