I am due to graduate with a master’s degree in the US. What are some things I need to keep in mind while applying to jobs? Any tips? - Divyansh

Obtaining your first job in the US is always the most challenging hurdle, even more so now with technology companies resorting to massive layoffs and slowing hiring. Most students find gainful employment, although it may take longer in 2023.

You are more employable if you have taken graduate school courses relevant to the job market. If you have taken Machine Language courses and completed a project in “Generative AI,” you are probably sitting on multiple offers as the industry pours funds into the “next big thing.”

Consult O*NET OnLine and the Occupational Handbook. These sites list hot careers and several identifying characteristics of all 575 career pathways in America. Consider pursuing professional certifications listed in O*NET’s Hot Technologies section. Take the time to research the “What they do” tab for the proper buzzwords as you build your resume. Have your resume professionally reviewed, and always write a cover letter.

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