The dialogue taking place in the international management education circle is on the paradox that several of the financial scams which have recently come to light have been perpetrated by alumni of prestigious business schools. Akshay Mangla says that imparting value education in the form of ethics with an “aim to address the issue of creating globally sensitive leadership, having a global outlook,” has become of paramount concern in business schools. Geographical and cultural sensitivity are also high on the agenda. To address this, and to give students a feel of how it is to work in developing countries, he talks about Harvard’s FIELD programme. The primary component of FIELD is global immersion. In this programme students work in small teams and partner with organisations in emerging markets to develop new products or service concepts for the local customer. Similarly, the India Research Centre produces study materials on India.

Global trend Speaking on the trend of global faculty exchange, Mangla believes this is a “healthy exchange that is growing”.

In the future he hopes to spend some time in India and teach here.

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