Global partnership

This is with reference to “G7 action plan to use AI in work arena holds promise”, (June 20).

An action plan for the use of AI in the workplace was announced, together with the creation of a brand to promote the implementation and use of the International Code of Conduct for advanced AI systems, in cooperation with OECD. G7 leaders stressed the importance of global partnership to bridge the digital divide.

To do so, they must move beyond the flash and noise of large language models to tackle the AI systems already doing harm today. This will involve looking beyond just the technical aspects of AI, and focussing on the social aspects as well.

P Sundara Pandian


Driving formulations

With reference to the news report “Indian domestic formulations market to cross ₹5.5-lakh crore in 10 years: Avendus Capital” (June 20), Indian pharmaceutical formulations market has seen robust growth in the last 20 years.

The overall growth has been powered by the domestic as well as export growth of generic formulations. For the domestic formulations market, the the next decade is poised to have a high growth trajectory.

However, for the sector to achieve the ambitious target growth of almost doubling the Indian pharmaceutical formulation market size by 2030, India needs to aggressively enhance its embedded strengths in innovation, R&D and manufacturing and scale up the quality standards.

Lessons needs to be learnt from the few quality embarrassments faced by the Indian pharma industry in the international market in recent years and quality and compliance standards should be improved.

Kosaraju Chandramouli


Monsoon worries

This refers to the Editorial your ‘Rural revival’, the optimism generated by the revival in rural demand must be tempered with the reality of a less than normal monsoon this year.

The government’s over emphasis on capital expenditure has led to a decrease in consumption expenditure leading to a destruction of demand in the discretionary spending.

The government must think of putting more money in the hands of the people to stimulate demand. With the change in climatic agricultural operations are bound to be affected. A lesser dependence on agriculture is the way forward.

Anthony Henriques