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| Updated on January 16, 2018 Published on October 26, 2016

This refers to ‘Mistry's ouster, an unseemly affair’ by Raghuvir Srinivasan (October 26). On the face of it, the conclusion that “The circumstances do not enhance the Tatas’ reputation of observing the highest standards in corporate governance” may seem factual. The Tatas have a 150-year history and stand alone as the single private sector group which has striven to protect public interests and has participated in India’s economic growth through thick and thin, working on trust.

If there is one reason for the unceremonious exit of Mistry it is unlikely that anyone outside Tatas may come to know of it. It could be the culmination of several things over the last few years affecting the fortunes of the Tata group, for which Mistry might not be the only person responsible. But, we need to concede to Ratan Tata the right to correct, through legally acceptable means, if a succession plan he implemented after considerable contemplation has gone wrong, in his own assessment.

MG Warrier


When it comes to business ethics, the Tata group has created its own niche. It has faced many challenges and come out unscathed by exhibiting top professional standards and business acumen. It is naïve to assume that isolated instances contributed to Mistry’s exit. Also, it is too early to relate his ouster to the business challenges he had to face. Maybe, it has something to do with his overall approach. In order to avoid speculation, the group should come out with an explanation at the earliest.

Srinivasan Velamur


In the interest of the company and its shareholders the removal of Mistry from the post of chairman, Tata Sons, is the right decision. Mistry should have gracefully accepted the decision. Ratan Tata has an impeccable track record in business and in personal life too. He is a true nationalist, a patriot and a thorough gentleman. His decision must not be contested. Looks like Cyrus Mistry has become an NPA for Tata Son.s.

Mahesh Kumar

New Delhi

Where is Swachh Bharat ?

When the PM initiated a scheme to clean the country, it was an act of hope. There was also a surge in the price of brooms! Nevertheless, two years later, the streets of India remain unclean. Fish vendors, hoteliers, and street dwellers have made them unsuitable for an evening walk. Swachh Bharat has been forgotten.

KA Solaman

Alappuzha, Kerala

Steely misguidedness

The Karnataka government’s refusal to budge from its stance of constructing the steel flyover in Bengaluru is appalling. Apart from thousands of people opposing the project, prominent citizens such as Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, NR Narayana Murthy and Azim Premji have come out strongly against the steel bridge taking shape. Several opposition leaders have also appealed to the government to shun the project and heed the voice of the protestors.

The Bengaluru Development Minister KG George has not crowned himself with glory by calling a meeting of MLAs and MPs and trying to browbeat them into submission.

Besides, his refusal to divulge the details put out in the public domain by citizens and hear out alternatives does not speak well. It is now important to ensure that the citizen’s movement against the government's proposed steel bridge does not lose steam and the battle is fought with renewed vigour.

NJ Ravi Chander


Breaking the ceiling

It looks like Chennai airport is breaking records with its glass-breaking. There have been several instances of glass shattering at this airport. In the latest incident, two glass sheets fixed on the roof of the domestic departure section at gate number 1 fell on Tuesday but luckily no one was injured. At this rate, passengers using Chennai airport will start demanding helmets from the airlines for safety reasons if the authorities don’t take step to prevent further such incidents. Chennai airport was renovated in 2012 at the cost of ₹3,000 crore.

TS Karthik


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Published on October 26, 2016
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