ICICI Pru Regular Savings is one of the top-performing funds from the conservative hybrid funds category, delivering category-beating returns across time-frames. It invests 10-25 per cent of assets in equities and the rest in debt instruments.


Manish Banthia Fund manager - Debt - ICICI Prudential Regular Savings

Post re-categorisation, the fund maintained its equity allocation at 11-17 per cent. One-third of the equity portfolio is in small- and mid-cap stocks that spices up the scheme’s returns. On the debt side, the fund bets on higher accrual income while taking moderate duration calls. Large allocation to relatively lower-rated bonds pegs up credit risk. Hence the fund is suitable for investors with a medium-to-high risk profile who are aware of the credit risk associated with mutual funds.




Source: NAVIndia, ACE MF and factsheets

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