Here’s a challenge. Using the five clues below, identify the company that is being talked about here.

1 While I have grown my sales only at 15 per cent per annum over the last decade, my net profits have grown at double the rate, 30 per cent per annum.

2 Before declining by almost half since reaching the peak valuation last year, I did deliver more than 50 times’ return to my shareholders over the previous 10 years. However, I am yet to become a large-cap stock.

3 My chairman is a rank-holder from the same famous institute that my founder also graduated from. His son chose to pursue graduation from IIT.

4 Though it took my founder 40 years of hard work to become a billionaire, the next billion came in the next year itself.

5 The recent restructuring of businesses resulted in carving out certain businesses to make me a focussed player in my industry. I am the largest player in India in a few segments of my business and a leader in global markets as well.

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Last week’s stock: Persistent Systems

Last week’s winner: Nisheeth Prabh