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BL Research Bureau | Updated on: Apr 23, 2022

Are you an avid investor? How well do you know corporate India?

Here’s a challenge. Using the five clues below, identify the company that is being talked about here

Send your answers by Wednesday 6 p.m. to, with your full name, postal address and phone number.

A lucky winner in each week will get a book sponsored by UNIFI Capital as a reward

1 I am professionally managed. The current CEO joined my group almost around the time I was founded a few decades ago. One of my earliest CEOs has recently become powerful.

2 I have more than 50 per cent return on equity (RoE), distribute more than half of my earnings as dividends, but still manage to grow more than 20 per cent CAGR as my business is capital light.

3 My promoters’ dilution plan got into controversy and as a result, my public shareholders suffered. However, my strong performance helped them get robust returns thereafter.

4 I have only 10 per cent market share of my primary business, but am still a leader in my fragmented industry. I have two other businesses as well, where I have been market leader, too, for a while now.

5 My industry is undergoing disruption caused by technology as well as regulations. I am one of the very few from the old block still gaining market share. 

Last week’s winner: Bhushan Reddy

Last week’s answer: Ambuja Cements

Published on April 23, 2022
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