Name of the Company: Treeni Sustainability Solutions

Set up in: 2014

Based in: Pune

Founder: Ankush Patel

Funding received: Self funded

What it does: Develops solutions to transform sustainability from being mere reporting centric to a business function focused on measuring real impact and performance. Resustain, a platform conceptualised and built by it, enables organisations to approach sustainability by collaborating with stakeholders and transforming the business mindset from reporting and green washing to strategy, performance and collaboration.

It consults with enterprises on sustainability strategy, developing governance structures and leadership accountability, and custom methodologies to address specific aspects of sustainability, be it waste, water, emissions, supply chain, EHS or disclosure standards. It engages clients at any stage of their sustainability maturity lifecycle and partners them through the entire sustainability journey, while making them self-reliant over time.

How it does it: It combines a focus on data management and big data analytics with its Resustain platform, even as it helps clients communicate the real impact and performance of their sustainability initiatives using global standards and frameworks.

Big moment: Working with Tata Motors on their low carbon strategy and charting their way forward to help them establish themselves as carbon leaders with high CDP score. Also when Manipal Foundation chose Resustain as its CSR platform.

Impact: Enhancing the ecosystem, both by deploying our technology platform for clients and helping them measure their sustainability performance and impact. Have worked with blue-chip corporations such as Tata Motors, Mahindra Sanyo, Havells and United Nation Global Compact, among others.

Vision: A spires to achieve the vision of ‘Reimaging Sustainability’ for enterprises by creating an attitude and culture of sustainability across functions. Provide technology that enables the ability to disclose Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievements, and other global standards and frameworks, which could prove to be a powerful global driver of change going forward.