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Updated on: Mar 10, 2018

Green village ratings promise to take citizens back to the basics

As the ‘Go Green’ movement gathers momentum and attempts to cover more homes, industries, schools, hospitals, smart cities, railway stations, metros and even villages, it is back to basics.

“I was born in a 200-year-old haveli (bungalow) 80 years ago and it was all green and incorporated all the good elements we are talking about in today's green homes. Homes then made best use of natural light, wind, and other natural elements which made our lives healthier, happier and better. The green building codes and rating systems we talk about now are nothing new, we practiced these over the years,” says Dr Prem C Jain, Chairman of CII Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

He recalls how we adopted the United States' LEED rating systemin the beginning, but along the way there was an effort to bring about an Indian-ness into it and the way to conserve energy and make better use of natural elements,

Focusing on the need for smart villages, Jain says that IGBC engaged with various stakeholders and a Green Village RatingSystem will be announced during the 14th edition of the GreenBuilding Congress 2016, to be held in Mumbai from October 6 to8.

This means that the emphasis in these villages will be to provide safe drinking water, ensure enhanced air quality and use of smokeless chullahs (cook stoves). Villages will be open defecation free and have access to quality healthcare and education.

The green village will have hundred per cent power, alternative livelihood options and better livestock management. For this, CII has initiated feasibility studies in Mawlynnog, Meghalaya and Ralegan Siddi, Maharashtra. It also plans to facilitate over a thousand green villages, while CII members will be encouraged to adopt a village and help it transition to a better place.

“Apart from this, IGBC will also announce new rating systems for healthcare sectorplayers and data centres, among others,” says Jain.

Published on September 27, 2016
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