Anand E Stanley is President and Managing Director, Airbus India & South Asia.


Anand E Stanley


1) My favourite airport : New Delhi

2) What I like about it : It is strategically located to most of the world, whether it is Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, London or Africa. It’s at the centre of the world. The connectivity is amazing. It also connects the second largest low-cost hub in the world and the third-largest domestic market in the world and, as I said, it connects two-thirds of the world.

3) What could be improved : I believe the international-to-international connectivity is a great opportunity to improve. Domestic-to-domestic is good; international-to-domestic is good. But international-to-international is a huge opportunity to improve in case we want to take the traffic from the Far East to Europe, or the other way round through Delhi. Today, we are still a low-cost hub and we do a fantastic job on products and service offering on low-cost carriers. But as we go up to long-distance, wide-bodies, I think there is an opportunity to provide more full service and our airlines will have to graduate to that level.

4) Other airports I like : In terms of international, high-end airports, Singapore and Munich are fantastic airports. Those are the two airports I really enjoy for both the experience and transit experience.