Arun Chittilappilly

Managing Director, Wonderla Holidays

1. I spend 15-30 mins in the morning on breathing and meditation. It’s a mix of techniques like kapalbhati and guided meditation. I also spend a few minutes everyday drawing. I stretch for five minutes after every hour of sitting in meetings. It relaxes my mind and improves blood flow in the body.

2. I spare one-and-half hours every five days to focus on physical fitness. It includes strength and endurance training three days a week. The remaining two days, I run or do other forms of cardio-based exercise.

3. I limit screen time in the mornings, after waking up and an hour before bed at night. I do not take my phone to bed and avoid watching news on television to reduce screen time. I prefer to read the newspaper instead.

4. Getting enough sleep is crucial for the better functioning of mind and body. I get at least seven hours of sleep, avoid alcohol, coffee and tea — it interferes with sleep.

5. I undertake intermittent fasting five days a week. It’s a 16-hour fast from 8 pm to 2 pm. I avoid too much sugar, spice and salt and strike a balance between meat, vegetables, and carbohydrate intake.