1 I begin my day at 6 am with an hour-long yoga session — a habit I have maintained from a young age — followed by a 3-km walk. Post working out, I enjoy a healthy breakfast and catch up by reading the papers.

2  Being vegetarian, I try to include as many nutritious fruits and vegetables in my diet as possible  and avoid carbohydrates and junk food completely — a habit I maintain even when travelling.

3 I’m an avid fan of Team India and try to play cricket at least six days a week with my employees. This allows me to get to know my staff  and introduces some leisure time into strenuous office hours too!  You should have a life from which you never need to take a vacation — while I adopt this philosophy, I love to travel and visit a new destination every year.

4 A few hours of me-time, away from technology, is a must. Taking walks and listening to my favourite musicians — Kishore Kumar and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan — rejuvenates me.

5 My day comes to an end with a game of chess or table tennis with my son and some quality family time. After a light dinner at 9.30 pm, I usually read till I fall asleep.


Ravinder Singh, Co-Founder and COO, 1-India Family Mart