1 Fitness has always been my mantra. I am an entrepreneur by day and a writer by night and need to keep that balance. I do a power workout in the morning. Because of time constraints, I don’t go to a gym but work out for 20 minutes doing a combination of cardio exercises, push-ups, etc. I also play basketball or go swimming occasionally.

2 In the night I take a walk, it opens up my mind, helps me relax and sets me up to write. I am onto my second book, a sci-fi.

3 I have been an entrepreneur since I was 18, so I thrive on positive pressure. I cannot stay without adventure in my life.

4 I don’t count calories as I’m blessed with a body with good metabolism! I don’t eat too much, stay away from carbohydrates and oily foods, and eat four- five times a day in small portions.

5 My life has had many ups and down, I’ve been to bankruptcy and bounced back by writing a best-seller. I am a hopeless optimistic and believe in the goodness of people. Don’t be afraid of failure.

(Entrepreneur & author)