1. Start early: My day starts at 5.45 am, with a run and exercise followed by meditation to get body and mind active.

2. Running: A great stress buster, I run 3-4 days a week, depending on my schedule. Gym weights are once a week.

3. Diet: A simple home-cooked diet — poha, upma, idli, veggies, and curd, with the occasional indulgence. I monitor carbs, and prioritise protein intake. Sticking to native food is my mantra.

4. Night walk with pets: Walking Jarvis (our dog) after dinner helps me relax. I keep my phone away from the bed for sound sleep.

5. Mental Fitness: I find solace in old Hindi movie songs, ghazals, and movies. Morning meditation boosts focus, resilience, and energy.

(The writer is Vice president & Managing Director, Barracuda Networks India)