Rakesh Kaul

(CEO and Whole-Time Director, Hindware Home Innovation Ltd)

Active lifestyle: It’s important to take time out to unwind and rejuvenate. I go for walks early morning every day to channel my thoughts, prep for the day.

Yoga for mind and body: Yoga, especially Pranayama has helped me increase mindfulness and decreases stress.

Cricket for bonding: Sports, while being the go-to option for health, is effective for team-building. I participate in our annual cricket tournament, it helps me stay fit and builds camaraderie with colleagues.

Short breaks, family catchups: The importance of work-life balance cannot be overstated. I take short breaks and travel with family and always come back rejuvenated.

You are what you eat: I follow a healthy diet during the week and enjoy one cheat meal over the weekend. I rely on fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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