1. Consistent exercise: Daily exercise for 20 minutes, five days a week, a habit since college. It involves a 2-kilometre treadmill walk and 15 minutes of rubber band exercises.

2. Prioritising sport: Golf provides the weekly outdoor exercise and rejuvenation, while soccer and cricket have enriched my physical and mental health.

3. Mental Exercises: Reading is my mental exercise, keeping my mind sharp and stress in check. It helps to handle a demanding work schedule, effectively.

4. Me-time: I reserve two hours of ‘me-time’ every week for rejuvenation. Whether sharing laughter, enjoying music, Netflix or simply relaxing, these moments are essential for recharging.

5. Mindful diet: Diet is vital in my fitness journey. Careful choices, vegetarianism, no sweets, low-carb millets. This discipline brings immense satisfaction.

(The writer is Chief Product Officer, Adroit Vantage)