Beurer, a consumer medical devices company, has an app that saves marriages, according to CEO Georg Walkenbach. In all probability, he said it on a lighter note at the IFA press conference in Rome recently, but what he said cannot be dismissed entirely as a joke. Beurer’s Sleep Quiet app that connects to a device helps control one trait that could well be a sore thumb between couples — snoring.

ECG made easy

Sleep Quiet is just one of the offerings in the company’s portfolio. Beurer also has a device that measures ECG, which could well turn out to be a lifesaver for many. Usually, we take an ECG as part of a battery of tests in a health check-up, or at a lab several hours or even days after we feel chest pain or other heart-related discomforts. This could be useless or misleading as the symptoms might have changed by the time we visit a lab or a doctor. Beurer’s mobile ECG devices enable users to record ECG readings at the precise time they feel the pain or feel uncomfortable. The readings can be stored on the device and later transferred to a computer. This can be shared with the doctor, who will be able to diagnose better because of the time the reading was taken.

Beurer has another device that measures both blood pressure and ECG. The companion app called Cardio Expert helps the patient keep a record of the readings and transfer them to medical professionals as and when required for diagnosis and treatment.

Sleep tight

The Sleep Expert app that comes with a sleep sensor checks quality of sleep, and automatically records it. Similarly, Cosy Night underblankets combine with the Cosy Night app to control the temperature of the blanket to ensure comfortable sleep without feeling the chills.

There is also a Light Up app that combines with a couple of wake-up lights. All it does is to simulate an optimal light to awaken users so they wake up fresh.

Beurer’s comprehensive health manager app can track blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight, BMI, oxygen saturation, activity and sleep.

However, Beurer does not restrict itself to medical apps. Its portfolio also includes health trackers and blood glucose checkers to hair dryers and hair styling devices.

The writer attended the IFA Global Press Conference in Rome at the invitation of IFA