Jabra Elite 7 Pro: Premium earphones for music and calls

Mala Bharghava | | Updated on: Dec 09, 2021
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Excellent clarity, an interesting transparency mode, and plenty of customisation

Jabra recently released a line-up of three true wireless earbuds in India. The Elite 7 Pro is the most premium of the lot. The Elite 3, reviewed a couple of weeks ago here, has fewer features and a lower price.

The Elite 7 Pro live in a case that looks very Jabra. It’s black and although the usual cartridge shape, is flat on the top and bottom to allow for easy placement on a wireless charging mat. The case plus buds is not as light as you might expect so it might be better off in a trouser or jacket pocket than in a shirt one.

In the box, you get a set of ear-tips, and the cable, apart from the earbuds and case. So far, so standard. The buds themselves follow the typical Jabra design language, which is a nice, pretentious way of saying the look similar to other Jabra buds.

But there are slight stylisation points and refinements to the design. They tend to be a bit ‘clumpy’ and roll easily out of the hand if you’re not alert. They do eventually fit in fine once you experiment with the exact position that’s comfortable for you.

Jabra app

And here’s where the Jabra app, which you should definitely download if you buy these earphones, comes to your aid because it has a fit test that you can keep repeating to ensure the buds are sitting correctly. I always find my left ear giving fit problems because after all, all ears were not born equal. It may mean you need to use different sized tips in each ear to get the ideal fit.

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The app, for this particular product, also has an extensive sound test in which many tones and frequencies are emitted and a tune up is done based on what the listener can hear.

The Jabra app is actually quite full-featured, though what you can do with it depends on the audio product you’re using, of course. There’s a responsive EQ, noise cancellation settings and customisation options for the on-bud controls.

Each earbud has a back that doubles up as a gentle clickable button. Many prefer this to touch sensitive controls that inevitably lead to accidental touches and action triggers. With the right bud you can start-stop, navigate tracks, etc. With the left you can trigger the assistant, toggle noise cancellation and hear-through etc. Customise as per your own needs.

Rich and warm

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds sound rich and warm with a good amount of detail to the sound – but not memorable or even distinctive from the previous versions of Jabra’s premium ones. They support AAC and SBC. Voice call quality is good and in fact, Jabra’s buds have often been the choice for people who want to take calls on earphones.

You can use each bud singly and separately, but there’s no multi-point pairing. The battery life is 8 hours on a charge and 30 with multiple recharges with the case. These buds are IP57 water resistant.

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As far as noise cancellation is concerned, these buds do a fairly decent job of dampening unwanted sounds around you, but there’s no magic here. I feel that this is just fine because once music is turned on, in any case you tend to hear so little of sounds like air conditioners or heaters or even steady traffic.

The more interesting thing is when you switch to transparency or hear-through mode. This is when distant sounds are not only let in but sharpened in clarity. I haven’t tried, but it might be interesting to eavesdrop on a conversation or two. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds is priced at ₹17,999.

Published on December 09, 2021

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