The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is the next generation smart clock from Lenovo. Gen 1 was a simple clock with Google Assistant built-in; Gen 2 has taken a few steps forward. You now get a colour touchscreen as the display. It is still essentially a clock with Google Assistant and makes for a perfect bedside clock. Privacy advocates and those who fear having listening devices in intimate spaces can be comforted by the fact that the Smart Clock 2 has a switch to turn off the microphone so that it is not in listening mode all the time. Of course that does make it inconvenient to ask Google things because you would need to switch it back on each time, but at least the ability to do that exists.

The clock face has about a dozen or so options and they are customisable, though only with very minor changes. You do get an option for displaying featured photos from Google or even from your own photos.

The bonus in Gen 2 is a base/dock for the clock which has a nightlight as well as a wireless charger. While it is a 15W charger, the idea is to just leave your phone on it overnight and have a fully trickle-charged phone in the morning when you leave for the day.

The speakers have also been improved and while you can listen to music on the clock, it truly is just for responses from the assistant. But you get to choose between YouTube Music and Spotify, and you can even link your Apple Music account.

Since the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 becomes a part of your Google Home devices, it can also be used to control other devices such as TVs, Chromecast, Phillips Hue bulbs etc.

As far as the clock functions go, you get everything you need — changeable clock faces, 12/24h time formats, alarm clocks and timers. If you are looking for a simple alarm clock or just a timepiece that you can talk too every now and then, the Smart Clock 2 is a great option.

Overall, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is a simple device with a colour touchscreen for the Google Assistant. It has no customisations or camera or video capabilities. It costs ₹6,999.