Hard choice

The Tata Steel-Thyssenkrupp merger is proof that hard commercial considerations must ultimately
Long-term vision: With long-term funds to back it
The grounding: Children practise the Oriya alphabet outside their home in Bhubaneswar. The volunteer-driven People’s Linguistic Survey of India estimates that India will lose 400 languages In the next 50 years. Photo: Biswaranjan Rout
As cries for a national language grow shrill, a linguistic survey
Ashish Bhasin, Chairman, Dentsu Aegis Network
Chairman Ashish Bhasin’s keen online focus has put Dentsu Aegis
Full-throated “Can you believe the annual increment of a full-time nurse in a private hospital is hardly ₹100-150? Even the present monthly salary of ₹12,000 was increased from ₹8,800 in 2012, after a prolonged strike for better minimum wages,
The eNWR will help farmers to get better prices for their produce by selling in any market in the country, besides aiding them in raising cheaper finance to meet their requirements
File photo of Toyota’s super compact electric vehicle

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Get together: A Marwari wedding reception in South Calcutta’s Singhi Park, Calcutta, West Bengal, ca.1972 © 2017 Succession Raghubir Singh

Modernism and the man

A retrospective at The Met Breuer, New York, celebrates the umbilical connection between Raghubir Singh and life in India’s public spaces
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