Wrong option

Having allowed commodity options, SEBI should now frame tight guidelines and keep a hawk’s eye on trading

Why the Indian stock market is boring

The listed space no longer reflects the most exciting brands or consumer trends that are propelling the Indian economy
What’s ‘app’ening: Experience strategists are grappling with shifting technologies and emerging new touchpoints! (Above) A man touches a mannequin as he tries out a virtual reality headset and the monitor shows the image from it.
At risk: The amendments have also altered the definition of a hazardous industry. Now only three industries , from 83 earlier, are termed hazardous, leaving children vulnerable to injuries and ailments
By allowing children to work in family enterprises, amendments to the Child Labour Act have made them more vulnerable to exploitation. Tracking the issue will be more difficult, writes Preeti Mehra
We the stylish people: Sabyasachi is the only brand that became a household name, placing its narrative not in class but in region. Not royalty, but Calcutta.
A burgeoning middle-class is lapping up global fast fashion, marked by standard sizing and functional clothing. Now, a new breed of Indian designers is daring to cut the cloth differently, in a nod to the country’s rich fabric traditions

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What is the Indus Water Treaty?

Watch to know more about the Indus Water Treaty signed between India and Pakistan, the partition of rivers and the long history of the sharing of six rivers.
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No breathing time: Idol makers work at least 14 hours a day before Pujas

All eyes on Kumartuli

It’s that time of the year when the potters of this north Kolkata colony enjoy the gaze of the camera. But soon enough, everything will fall silent once goddess Durga and her family return to their fabled Himalayan abode
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