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Spot rubber closes weak

Spot rubber closed weak on Friday. RSS 4 dropped to ₹129 (₹130) a kg,...
Watch the numbers And the loans disbursed
No cash no carry Trucks have nowhere to go
Some days ago, a closed door meeting of independent agencies across the Asia-Pacific region happened in India. cat.a.lyst got an exclusive peek
How Arjun saved a man on his wife’s birthday and other stories from an event where technology met marketing
Emotion-based advertising can be highly effective but must work within a strong and consistent brand framework
The writer has decided not to renew annual maintenance contracts with her home service provider
Tweet-nation Indian Railways has among the busiest Twitter handles. A team, headed by three senior officers, works in three shifts to process the tweets
Social media is changing the way government bodies work. But there is a long way to go, writes AJ Vinayak
Study in despair A child scours the singed remains of his classroom on the outskirts of Srinagar. In a matter of six weeks, 36 schools in Kashmir were set afire Photo: Nissar Ahmad
The third generation of Kashmir’s youth — since the outbreak of armed secessionist campaign in 1989 — looks set to be consumed by the conflict unless something drastic is done to end the vicious cycle of protests and curfews, killings and maiming, and disrupted schooling
Collections have moved up to around 65-70 per cent for the industry as a whole

MFIs see improvement in repayments

Collections hit a low after demonetisation was announced; vested interests in some States urging borrowers to seek waivers
Carnegie India Managing Director Shivnath Thukral.

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