Still waters Indian ships and trade have deep issues to negotiate

Meeting China’s ocean challenge

India must engage in imaginative diplomacy to manage balance of power in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea
The galloping costs of healthcare, education and housing have left the Indian middle-class reeling. What goes up may not come down — if it is services inflation
India and Indonesia are creating a new e-commerce model that’s unique for their own markets. Global brands should take note, says a TNS study
Pokemon Go has become the talk of the town in India even as the game has not been officially launched
The global success of Pokemon Go presents a lot of opportunity for brands and retailers. Are you tuned in?
After decades of mute endurance, nurses in the private sector have scaled up their battle for better work conditions and pay
Planting legacy: Antony MJ's father was among the first to plant rubber in Karnataka's Dakshina Kannada
After the boom and bust over the last decade and a half, malls are reinventing themselves to woo customers. Rashmi Pratap reports
Looking ahead, demand, particularly for long steel products used in construction, is expected to be sluggish. This should keep steel prices under pressure.
When the loan burden comes down, Discoms will be in a position to lower power tariffs

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