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Voltas (₹362.5)

The stock of Voltas gained almost 4 per cent with above-average...

What women want

Financial inclusion for women requires innovative credit assessment and breaking away from stereotypes
Positive sign Moving with the times
Amid volatility, short-term trend has been up for both indices. This can continue in future
Us versus them: It’s the ‘UP ke ladke’ Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi against the BJP dominated by Gujarati ‘outsiders’ Modi and Shah, as the SP-Congress alliance’s spin doctors are pitching it.
The youthful combine of Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi has pumped new energy into their election campaign. Their joint roadshows are drawing large crowds, especially young people, compelling rivals BSP and BJP to recast strategies
Five key trends for the Indian electronics security market in 2017
Many marketers are taking a digital-first approach as it generates conversations and reels in early adopters
From managing customer experiences to taking care of communities, digital transformation is constantly challenging marketing’s role
Wrong track A derailed coach near Bhubaneswar railway station in December 2016. The push for more revenues, both from freight and passenger segments, is showing on the rails as maintenance has taken a hit BISWARANJAN ROUT
One of the bloodiest years in the history of Indian Railways underscores the urgent need to overhaul the rail network, reports Raghavendra Rao K
Rising pest attacks are mounting pressure on cotton farmers even as prices play truant. Rutam Vora, KV Kurmanath and Vishwanath Kulkarni report
Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan
(from left ) Ambassadors Peter Taksoe- Jensen (Denmark); Nina Irmeli Vaskunlahti (Finland); Nils Ragnar Kamsvag (Norway); Harald Sandberg (Sweden) and Thorir Ibsen ( Iceland), during an interaction with journalists of The Hindu Group in Chennai on Tuesday

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Will Jio's Prime Membership force other operators to lower data rates?
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Running on empty: A rickshaw puller looks for passengers on an Imphal street

Forward block

More than three months into an indefinite economic blockade, Manipur makes do with the little that comes its way
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