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Rupee ends a tad lower

The rupee on Wednesday weakened further to close with a marginal loss

A bumpy ride

The exit of Uber CEO symptomises a larger malady that has affected business leadership
Looming presence: Pak Army and Nawaz Sharif
I am 25 and got employed recently with a reputed company. I earn
A deep dive into the depleting fish count in India’s toxic rivers, the
Making a loud statement. Photo: Shashi Ashiwal
Dumped Pakkar Singh, a farmer from Salana village in Ludhiana, had come to the market to sell green gram. But his produce got a rate that was ₹ 1,500 per quintal below its MSP . “How do you expect farmers to continue like this and survive,” he asked. - Ramesh Sharma
RAVI VISWANATHAN, President, Growth Markets, TCS
RK Takkar (right), MD and CEO, UCO Bank, and Charan Singh, Executive Director, at the bank’s AGM in Kolkata on Wednesday
Flanked by Congress President Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Opposition candidate for President, Meira Kumar, arrives at Parliament House, on Wednesday SHANKER CHAKRAVARTY

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How GST benefits business and nation

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