5 hr. 11 min. ago

Spot rubber ends weak

Spot rubber finished weak on Monday. RSS 4 slid to ₹125 (125.50) a
10 hr. 18 min. ago

Rupee down 10 paise

The rupee weakened by 10 paise to end at 65.11 against the dollar due
Uncertain future Vanishing jobs, changing rules and new rivals SHAJU JOHN
At 100: Today’s politicians can learn from Indira Gandhi how a leader can be strong without being divisive, and protect national interests — fiercely, at that — and still be at ease among the world’s powerful leaders.
Virtually Venice Malls hope to lure customers with the promise of fun experiences, and pet causes, not just shopping, as The Grand Venice Mall in Greater Noida
Slow lane: Angrail, a border point in West Bengal, flourished because of cattle smuggling till 2015, with nearly 2,500 animals crossing over to Bangladesh every day. Today the number has come down to 500 - Photo: Debasish Bhaduri
PACO UNDERHILL Noted retail guru and Founder of Envirosell

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Homeland: At a public gathering in Srinagar, Kashmir, December 29, 1971.

The head that rules

A rare collection of photographs at Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum in Delhi captures the many soft sides to the Iron Lady

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