And now, price deflation in India and China?

Slowing or declining producer prices are haunting the two major Asian economies, signalling that the deflation contagion has spread to the developing world as well
While the overall picture for corporate India has been glum, some sectors have done quite well. A look at the big hits and misses
Instant messaging platforms have the potential to replace the toll-free number. But brands taking positions on this medium need to be careful
On his mark: Modi has been steadfast in his dedication to the Sangh parivar’s agenda of cultural nationalism. Photo: K Murali Kumar
Bettering the record of any Prime Minister India has ever had is what Narendra Modi set out to achieve. That goal has proven elusive so far, raising questions on if he — handicapped by a drought of talent among his ministers — has the wherewithal to accomplish it
Line to home Though the electricity poles are up, few houses in this Aravalli mountain range have access to power DEEPIKA GANDHI
The Narendra Modi government has shown intent in pushing for rural electrification, but the devil lies in the detail, write Richa Mishra and Debabrata Das
That eternal wait At the Jamkhambhaliya taluka APMC in Devbhumi Dwarka district in Saurashtra, a large volume of guar seed is lying unsold for more than past eight months - Photo: DEEPIKA GANDHI
Dr Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Technologies (file pic)

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Hole truth: A broken plaque welcomes you to the once prosperous Lankapara Tea Estate

Lull in the teacup

Shut down last year, Lankapara Tea Estate in North Bengal waits for a miracle

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