Watch it There could be a global crisis coming Mopic /
Watch it There could be a global crisis coming Mopic /



Better safe than sorry

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan seems alert to uncertainties on account of growth, inflation and capital flows »



Time to bury the ownership issue

On the go: The great retail experiment. - GRN Somashekar The rise and rise of Flipkart holds some important lessons for our policymakers »


A new normal for inflation?

Inflation still hurts Has RBI become complacent? - A Roy Chowdhury Accepting high prices is not just a problem per se; it also complicates exchange rate management »

Ashoak Upadhyay

Still smug about the high growth years?

Many shades Poverty is not just a number; its a general sense of bleakness Drop the euphoria for a moment – a third of India is seriously poor. And urban poverty has risen sharply »



The big fat Indian Budget

Another festival: With the ritual that goes with it RuthChoi / It’s all about the FM single-handedly rescuing the economy, while everyone else enjoys tax breaks, finds a newbie journalist »



The rising death toll of ‘illegal’ migrants

Is there anyone inside? Migrants set off for Europe in the most precarious ways possible The discovery at the weekend of 34 Sikh refugees (including 15 children) from Afghanistan and the dead body of 40-year-old Meet Singh Kapoor inside an airless container at Tilbury docks on the Tham... »

Ramanujam Sridhar

How dare they?

Do you remember the Fair & Lovely air-hostess commercial? Okay, let me tell you the story at the risk of killing the commercial. The commercial is set in a lower-middle-class household. The fa... »



Are women really working less in India?

Work, work work It is not acknowledged simply because it is not paid for RITU RAJ KONWAR There has been much discussion on the evidence from recent NSS large sample surveys on employment, of the significant decline in women’s workforce participation rates. Various explanations h... »

Aarati Krishnan


Why REITs aren’t right for investors

Realty bites The REITs are an unfinished business HELLEN SERGEYEVA They may be a godsend for the realty sector, but it isn’t clear how REITs will deliver lucrative returns to the retail investor »

D Sampathkumar


What Bhushan Steel tells us about ‘strategy’

The normal execution risks inherent in a project get accentuated by
political and regulatory factors The company took an investment bet, four times its size. When things went wrong, the financials couldn’t cope with the fallout »

Rasheeda Bhagat

The ISIS has to be stopped

This time, the US intervention in Iraq is justified, but Europe has chosen to watch from the sidelines »

Vidya Ram

Standard Chartered faces renewed scrutiny by US anti-money laundering regulator

Scrutiny on bank’s anti-money laundering controls could lead to more fines »

D Sampathkumar

Should we teach our kids Hindu epics?

There are those who view it merely as tales, albeit of epic proportions. Why not? These are works of scholarship and we must not let prejudice stand in the way of learning »


As India drags its feet over Gaza...

…Israel gets away with a mounting civilian body count, especially children, in the name of self-preservation »



Regulating for the minority

Tough call Lack of supervision has landed healthcare in a precarious position RAJEEV BHATT While the financial sector has hyperactive regulators, healthcare and real estate get by without much supervision »

Consumer confidence is back

When Russia is prodded and provoked

Ban this barbarous practice!

Soyabean needs a booster shot

Look to sell gold on upticks to $1,310/oz

Fiscal correction not to be trifled with

Incurably optimistic

How to solve a problem like Russia

Redefining the idea of world trade

S S Tarapore


For an economics of compassion

Economist NA Mujumdar whose prolific writings span more than 55 years, passed away on April 6. He had a long and distinguished career in the Reserve Bank of India during which his services were sou... »


Modi speaks for the Indian Woman

Grit and grace And a recognition of it KATRINA ELENA/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM If in oratory he came close to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, in intent, earnestness, resolve, and above all content and sensitivity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi moved a little ahead... »

Rasheeda Bhagat

Tamil Nadu farmers reap rich dividends through watershed projects

When the National Agro Foundation, a brainchild of the late C Subramaniam, the architect of India’s green revolution, set about sharing agro technology upgrades with farmers in Kanchipuram distric... »

G Chandrashekhar


Palm oil will rule easy over next 3 quarters

Crude palm oil prices have taken a significant beating of late, despite Malaysian palm oil stocks remaining unchanged in July (1.66 million tonnes) compared with June. There are several ov... »


A Look East energy policy

new direction Focus on hydel power DUTOURDUMONDE/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Pursuing hydel power deals with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh makes more sense than chasing gas in West Asia »



Great Games do not a country make

The Glasgow Games have left Scotland on a high, but economics is likely to decide the independence vote »


For smart cities of another kind

Uncertain journey: Urban India doesn't always beckon A Roy Chowdhury Urbanisation has been restricted to southern and western India. The challenge is to have urban centres elsewhere »



Our high technology deficit

Even as the US and EU lose their dominance in hi-tech manufacturing to emerging economies, India seems to be behind the curve »

G Chandrashekhar


Central banks turn net buyers of gold

Investors in the gold have generally been rather lucky for 10 long years beginning 2002 as investment in it proved lucrative by giving double-digit returns. Many supportive factors mater... »

Harish Bijoor

Customers buy what they want

Do customers buy what they want, or what they don’t really need?BangaloreNalini, that is a bumper sticker of a question!I classify... »

Cheers to shampoo!

An idea called Ikea

Palm oil to test supports, rise

Vodafone’s India revenue rises 10% in June quarter

Cola Marketing

Joy, expanded

UK to push for easing retail FDI norms

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