Many shades Poverty is not just a number; its a general sense of bleakness
Many shades Poverty is not just a number; its a general sense of bleakness

Ashoak Upadhyay

Still smug about the high growth years?

Drop the euphoria for a moment – a third of India is seriously poor. And urban poverty has risen sharply
The latest report on the number of poor Indians shows a third of the population living below the... »



The big fat Indian Budget

Another festival: With the ritual that goes with it RuthChoi /
It’s all about the FM single-handedly rescuing the economy, while everyone else enjoys tax breaks, finds a newbie journalist
Ashutosh, just out of journalism school, was raring to go on his first assignment at the Busin... »


Managing in tough times

In the same boat Both Murthy and Modi face leadership challenges PTI
It all boils down to leadership. The relationship between power and accountability is profoundly democratic
On the face of it, there is little in common between NR Narayana Murthy and Narendra Modi, apart... »


One regulator too many?

Puppet on a chain: Let's not reduce the RBI to that JESADAPHORN/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM
Raghuram Rajan is right in raising doubts about the need for a super-regulator in the financial sector
A week ago, Governor Raghuram Rajan delivered a speech in Mumbai, the theme of which was the Fina... »


European elections muddy the waters

With the far right putting up a telling show in key European countries, the future of the continent looks alarmingly hazy
Europe watchers looking to the European parliamentary elections -- which took place last week, fo... »

Rasheeda Bhagat

Profit, planet, people

Returning after 23 years to India, which he had left in 1987 after an MBA in marketing, to study communication in the US, Nagesh Rao, President and Director of MICA, Ahmedabad, is amazed t... »



How “buoyant” are Central Government taxes?

Just another gamble Fiscal targets in the Budget NATA789/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM One of the features of several Union Budgets over the past decade and more has been the tendency to window-dress the projected accounts through very optimistic expectations of tax revenues. ... »

R Srinivasan

Australian anger and Indian fulmination

The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine threatened to derail the meeting of Trade Ministers of the G20 Group of advanced and emerging economies in Sydney on Saturday. ... »

R Srinivasan

Rio Tinto banks on Modi to revive India ventures

SAM WALSH, Rio Tinto CEO Rio Tinto, the world’s largest merchant miner with more than a two-third share of the world’s iron ore business, and significant presence in other minerals and commodities, is banking on Prime Min... »



Finally, the truth about Satyam

QED B Ramalinga Raju and his team at Satyam found a simple way of fudging big time PV Sivakumar Unlike Agatha Christie novels, financial crimes in India seldom have a satisfying denouement. Perpetrators often manage to evade the long arm of the law. Where they are brought to book, the actual... »


Dealing with an ‘expansionist’ China

Addressing an election rally in Arunachal Pradesh on February 22, Narendra Modi called on China to shed its “mindset of expansionism”. “Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India and will remai... »

Harish Bhat

3-D marketing

SHUTTERSTOCK.COM/ WAVEBREAKMEDIA Ever since the science of marketing took birth, marketers have had to constantly learn new skills to keep pace with changes in consumer behaviour and the relentless march of technology. Ancient Eg... »


Don’t postpone GAAR, please

Just mention the word ‘GAAR’ and investors in stock market tremble, stock prices tumble and analysts begin to make predictions on how an exodus of foreign investors from the country will make th... »


What’s even worse than rape?

Give me a life Patriarchs and politicians have taken that away Even as we continue to get homilies on Indian culture, appropriate dress code and dangers of “pub culture” from BJP netas, brutal gang rapes of women continue unabated across the country. For Indi... »

Harish Damodaran

Milk prices may rule easy despite drought fears

More supply During years of low rainfall farmers tend to supply
more milk to make up for the losses on the crop front.

While a looming drought is causing worries over resurgent food inflation, there is one commodity – milk – that could offer some respite.Falling global prices rendering exports unviable,... »

Look to buy gold on dips to $1,325-30/oz

The fairness debate isn’t unwarranted

Insider trading, now at high speed

Of course, she can’t have it all

Platinum and palladium prices set to remain firm unlike gold

We don’t need fancy infrastructure

A double-edged sword

Tribal youth drive away to a better tomorrow

Tata Steel to axe 400 jobs at UK plant

Gnanasekaar T

Palm oil futures set to rise

Malaysian palm oil futures on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives edged lower on Monday dropping to a nine-month low on weakness in the soya complex and a firm local currency once again dampening senti... »


Put technology in a woman’s hands

Powerful connection Selling vegetables or software, it's empowering. - KR Deepak Science, engineering and, to a large extent, technology, have always been considered a man’s domain. But the mobile phone of today, loaded with all kinds of magic features that are becoming simpler... »

R Srinivasan

India slips 10 places in innovation rankings; worst among BRICS nations

India has been the worst performer among BRICS nations in an annual index which measures innovation in various countries.While the other members of the grouping of large emerging economi... »

Vidya Ram

Merkel calls for immediate ceasefire to enable probe

Caution governed the responses of European governments following the deaths of all 298 people aboard Malaysian Airlines MH17, after the plane was shot down in eastern Ukraine.German Chan... »

Gnanasekaar T

If gold tops $1,320-25 an ounce, sell

Comex gold futures ended higher Thursday on bargain-hunting after a recent sharp drop in prices. However, it was still near a four-week low as traders weighed the possibility of a sooner-than-expe... »

Harish Bijoor

Product recall

Why recalls are rare here

Product recall is rare in India compared with overseas markets. Does this mean our companies’ products are perfect?»

Ramesh Narayan

Just Ask

Addendum is a weekly column that takes a sometimes hard, sometimes casual, sometimes irreverent, yet never malicious look at some of the new or recent advertisements and comments on them. <... »

Gnanasekaar T

Palm oil to move lower, rebound

Malaysian palm oil futures on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives ended sharply lower on Monday dropping to a nine-month low on weakness in the soya complex and a firm local currency. Crude palm oil fu... »


Devious agenda to erode RBI’s autonomy

The Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission report has been discussed at some forums but there are a number of issues which create a lot of heat and dust. Raghuram Rajan, Governor, Reserve... »

G Chandrashekhar

Raw Input

Peanut to perk up

Despite being high in oil and protein content, groundnut (peanut) has lost out to other oilseeds in the complex, such as soyabean and canola in the global oilseed market in recent years. »

Full circle

Politically correct... and more

Palm oil to test resistance, slip

Making India a global manufacturing hub

If gold dips to $1,305-10/oz, buy

The tango with the mango

Home-made but needs more

Sharif versus Sharif

Indian eatery is UK’s top restaurant

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